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PhotoCutter. Turn digital your printed photos.

Logo de PhotoCutterIf you have a scanner, you have everything you need to convert your old paper photo albums to modern digital files that you can share with family and friends, watching quietly on your computer or TV and can well remember all those moments that otherwise would remain forgotten on the shelves or in a closet.

Can be used with black and white photos or color, with any model of scanner, either a last generation model or an older one with any size panel. You have only to scan your pictures into blocks, the more fit on the flatbed scanner’s better. Once done, leave the hard work to PhotoCutter. It will detect all scanned files, analyze them and will extract the various photographs in separate files, correcting deviations and errors if necessary.

Many photos extracted

Do not worry more, scan block after block and store them in one or more folders on your computer without worrying. That will be the only job you have to make and once you scan the first, you will see something that is systematic and fast. Once done, tell PhotoCutter the files or folders to be analyzed and it will take care to review them, cutting photos, correcting them if necessary, framing them and finally recording them in JPEG or TIFF format.

The program makes a very efficient use of computer memory and in my tests, has processed a large amount of files containing hundreds of photos in minutes with a success ratio of 100% if the option key background color is used and between 92 and 100% in other cases.

It is 100% C++ code, so it’s really fast and light.

If you want a registration code to remove the watermark in photos, as well as help to maintain and update the program, you can make a donation, stating the name you want to associate with the registration code.

I suggest € 5 minimum, but for any amount above € 3 the registration code will be generated. If the program has served you for something at least buy me a coffee!

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