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EXIF Thumbnail Creator, include thumbnails in your JPG files.

EXIF Thumbnail CreatorThis simple application serves to create or regenerate the thumbnails which can be embedded within the JPEG files EXIF tags.

The main use of these thumbnails consists in speeding up the display of a preview of the JPEG file without the need to load and process the whole big picture.

I programmed it in C + + because of my own need to create thumbnails in my JPG photos, since I did not find any program that would allow me to do it massively, simple and very importantly, without re-compressing the image, avoiding the consequent loss of quality that JPEG suffer when processed, not being a lossless compression format.

For instance, if you have a program to process a set of JPG and, at a given moment, a preview of all of them is shown, which the software probably made ​​first, is to look into each of these images for a EXIF miniature, in which case will extract it and display it very quickly, without having to read the entire image and process it, shrinking it to display as a thumbnail. This advantage is more obvious when talking about hundreds or thousands of pictures.

It is extremely useful also for media players like the TVIX Dvico, the Popcorn hour or similar, which, when are used to display photo albums, only show preview images if these include thumbnails inside.

With this program you will create, if does not exist, or replace if necessary, the JPEG thumbnails easily and quickly. It is designed to process large amounts of files at once, such as photo albums or photo archives, without going file by file.

This is the look which has its main screen, you can observe that it is very simple to use:

EXIF Thumbnail Creator

The buttons on the right column perform the basic functions of the application, which are to add individual files or entire folders to be processed and run the process of creating thumbnails.

At the bottom, just below the box where the selected files appear and you can specify the destination path for the created new images, you can select the basic configuration options which are:

  • Enter the desired pixel size for the thumbnail. Typically it is between 160 and 320, but numbers can be entered between 50 and 500
  • Size picker. Allows you to define how we want to interpret the size of the thumbnail. The options are:
    • Width. The figure refers to the width. The height is automatically calculated proportionately.
    • Height. The figure refers to high. The width is automatically calculated in proportion.
    • Max. The figure refers to the long side. The other side is automatically calculated in proportion.
    • Min. The figure refers to the short side. The other side is automatically calculated in proportion.
    • %. The figure is a number between 1 and 50 indicating the percentage relative size of the thumbnail respect to the original image.
  • Exclude with thumbnail. If this option is selected, the images that already have embedded EXIF thumbnail will not be changed.
  • Overwrite original. If this option is checked, the original image will be overwritten and a no copy will be created in the output folder.
  • DONATE. A help to keep this and other programs never hurts. If it’s been useful to you, it would not hurt me to continue keeping it free.
  • Version 1.1 – 2014/06/04 – Added option to include automatically all JPG files under de directory tree. In other words, it recurses all folders.

You can download it from this web, but if you find it useful, I would ask you to do one small donation to allow me to continue to improve this and other projects. The program is free of viruses, does not include any third-party advertising, hidden software or tries to download anything from the internet, you can rest easy.

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